Uniontown Bar & Grill is Anacostia’s premier destination.  A menu infused with Cajun style cuisine and all natural ingredients. More than a hip new bar, Uniontown will be a great dining establishment, and not another watering hole. Pairing a natural ingredient menu with a vibrant atmosphere brings an urban inspired ambiance with deliciously fresh foods.

History of Uniontown

Located near the banks of the Anacostia River, this historic neighborhood enjoys a wonderful mix of residential and commercial. Anacostia formerly know as Uniontown in the 1800’s was home to Abolitionist, Frederick Douglass. Uniontown, the core of the historic district was incorporated in 1854 and was one of the first suburbs in the District of Columbia. It was designed to be financially available to Washington's working class, most of who were employed across the river at the Navy Yard.

By marrying the historic and revitalization of this neighborhood will make for an ideal place for all to see and enjoy.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Printing & Photography Division